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Making a Case for Live Video

As the digital media account manager here at Princeton Partners, I spend a significant amount of time analyzing our clients’ use of social media and strategizing ways we can improve their following, as well as their relationship with their online audience. The strategies always vary depending on the client. For instance, our B2B clients tend to find more value in LinkedIn and Twitter while our B2C clients see the greatest returns on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll often grapple with the benefits of the various tools each platform provides. For instance, the “Stories” feature on Instagram is a great way for clients to showcase their day-to-day environment or a special event they’re hosting. Twitter has a polling feature that is a simple way to engage users and gain insight into their preferences. However, as platforms have rolled out their Live video tools in the past 2 years, most clients have shied away from utilizing this incredibly interactive feature.

Most brands and companies are nervous to be so instantly connected to their customers. I think this anxiety comes from the uncertainty of streaming real life for others to watch. I would argue that now is the time to shake off this fear.

Here are three reasons you should start engaging with your audience using Live tools:

  1. Live video has shown an average of 3x more engagement than traditional video on social media. That’s significant, especially considering that video engagement is higher than engagement with all other types of social media content.
  2. Live content can help keep your brand top-of-mind. When you go live, your followers are notified – even if they decide not to tune in. This will demonstrate to people that you are actively using social media and it will remind them of your existence.
  3. It makes your brand accessible. It is the most instant form of connection you can have with an audience without meeting face to face or messaging each other directly. And it’s a two-way form of communication. People can respond in real-time to the content your broadcasting by asking questions, comments, or sending reactions. Not only is this great for having conversations with people, it helps you assess what works instantaneously and adjust your live content strategy accordingly. Quickly, this strategy will become a living, evolving part of your social media presence.

Put simply, my advice is to lean into the fear. Doing so will challenge you to authentically communicate the value your brand brings to your audiences. Committing to a Live content strategy and program will also help your brand stay on the pulse of what’s important to your customers.

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March 20, 2018
Written by Brandon

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