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How Marketers Can Win in the Age of Digitalization

Scott Gillum, President of GYRO, explains just how marketing is responsible for creating consistent customer experiences that connects organizations with their audience.

It’s quite difficult for an organization to embrace change when it comes to new technology being created frequently. Marketing helps an organization ramp up in order to operate at the new “Internet” speed of change. This is where marketing comes in handy to any organization struggling to keep up with the ever changing Internet.

Marketing is known to be the “tip of the spear” for digitalization and its connection to customers. According to Gillum, “No other group has had to embrace and operate at the “speed of the Internet” like marketing has”. It’s no surprise that 75 percent of marketers feel responsible for the customer’s experience.

Marketers can successfully bring change to an organization which is needed in order for the organization to become digitalized. In addition to this, there are many examples that will also lead to customer satisfaction and experience. For instance, they are also responsible for improving the culture of a corporation, aligning customer service to the brand message, as well as designing a new organizational model.

To conclude, marketers provide great contributions to an organizations success and their customer experience.  With the importance of digital transformation, one way to do this is to improve the customer experience through the web as well as in person.

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August 25, 2016
Written by Brandon

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