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Myths About Social Networking for Businesses

We always hear hype about social media and the role it plays in today’s business world. Here are some myths about social media and business debunked and explained.

  1. Everyone is on Social Media: While there are statistics that show the high rates of companies and individuals on social media—it’s not true that everyone is on social media. With that being said, social media is a huge help in marketing and getting your brand noticed. If the demographic of your brand isn’t on social media there are still useful digital tips. One tip is to help your digital content appear higher on a Google search by increasing your Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.. For more info on how to do that, read this.
  1. You Have to Spend Hours a Day on Twitter: This isn’t true. Companies should approach Twitter with the idea of having a conversation with your audience. Send quick updates about sales, positive customer feedback or other exciting company news. Also use Twitter to address customer concerns.
  1. Social Media is Solely a Broadcast Channel: When used properly, social media is a two way dialogue between the business and consumers. It should be 50/50.
  1. Social Media Can Enhance Your Website: While social media is getting all the hype nowadays websites have not vanished. They are the cornerstone for most businesses. The center for ecommerce and the direction many clients are sent in to make contact with the business directly. It is also much easier to capture email addresses through a website than through any of the popular social media platforms.
  1. You Can’t Measure Return on investment on Social Media: Totally false. The most popular and effective way to track business through social media are to track where users are coming from, identify what actions they are performing on your site and then calculate an ROI. Read more about how to do this here.
  1. You Have to Be on Every Social Network: “Focus your efforts.” Really hone in on which social media sites will connect the most to your customer. Don’t bother maintaining sites that don’t have a major pull with your consumer.

For more tips and to read the full article click here.

Marketing Agency Blog Post Author of Myths About Social Networking for Businesses

July 14, 2016
Written by Brandon

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