Giving a maker of cool equipment an equally cool way to talk about it.


What if we told you that EDAX makes and sells electron backscatter diffraction and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy devices?Would you be excited?What if we told you that EDAX makes devices that allow scientists to see the makeup of everything around us—so that they could make steel stronger or discover whether a painting was priceless or a forgery?You might think that was cool. We did. Of course, if you were already a potential EDAX customer, you’d know both, but you might miss the cool.You might think that cool is frivolous, even superficial, particularly for a category so rooted in facts.But for EDAX, conveying that cool made all the difference. Here’s why.


EDAX had long been the industry leader, but changes in the supply chain and aggressive marketing by competitors made EDAX look less dynamic.

Edax was losing market share. To change that, they hired us.


Interviews and research told us something about the category: it’s very specialized. A few key players dominate, and most of the audience knows them. Marketing in this sector emphasizes products and their features. After all, the users are scientists, and the tools are all about consistency and reliability. The products are also expensive and must last a long time, usually about a decade and in perfect working order. These factors, together, lead to the category’s most defining feature: its parity. The functionality and the core features of the products are basically the same.

In a category so specialized that everyone appears to be the same, we made EDAX stand out.


From a marketing perspective, technology and performance in this category are table stakes.So we stepped back from the technology and thought about the people who used the technology. What they do. Who they are.And, we thought, these are smart people. Just as important, they’re doing cool things. The more we spoke with the people at EDAX, the more we felt their excitement. They are incredibly passionate about what they do. They want their customers to have the best equipment because they understand how important their customers’ work is. And that work… is cool.So we decided, let’s convey the cool. Let’s show that, at EDAX, we understand our customers. We see the world like they do. And, man, it’s cool.

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