Freshening up a 30-year-old brand.

NJDA – Jersey Fresh

New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s “Jersey Fresh” is the official brand for produce from the state’s independently-owned farms. For their products to earn the Jersey Fresh label, farmers must demonstrate a commitment to quality and freshness. For over 30 years, Jersey Fresh has stood as a mark of quality and state pride.


In recent years, due to budget cuts, Jersey Fresh was a weakened brand.While people were still aware of Jersey Fresh, they weren’t as excited by it. It wasn’t influencing their buying decisions.

Jersey Fresh needed a campaign that wouldn’t depend on the budget. It had to be able to take on a life of its own.


One challenge was making a campaign that Jersey Fresh farmers would embrace. Jersey Fresh covers a wide variety of products. Our campaign had to include all of them and do that in an exciting way.An additional challenge was the product itself: produce. To some, it’s incredibly exciting. To most, it’s… produce.So we thought, what excites New Jerseyans? What brings them together? Maybe we could use the language and imagery of that exciting, galvanizing thing to tell people that Jersey Fresh produce is something to get excited about.

Thus was born, “Another Great Season.”New Jerseyans are passionate about sports. In fact, more than passionate. Fanatical. Even people who don’t follow sports understand that there’s a sense of anticipation and excitement that greets each season.What if there was produce that was so good, so fresh, that it inspired the same kind of devotion?Another Great Season uses that idea to show that Jersey Fresh products are worth celebrating. Seasons, kickoffs, opening days, preseason analysis, fantasy leagues, trading cards, giant foam fingers -- the campaign plays off the parallels. It provides unlimited opportunities to talk about Jersey Fresh produce. Just as importantly, it talks about that produce in a language people know and in a way that conveys passion.

With Jersey Fresh, every season is Another Great Season.


This is a campaign that the NJDA can use for many, many years. Right now, it’s just getting into market via television, outdoor, web, social, and point of sale advertising. Based on the enthusiastic response from the NJDA and Jersey Fresh farmers, we’re excited by its potential. Also, we love the work. We were glad to see they do, too.

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