How a company with nine personalities found one voice.

Pacer International

Pacer International is a global logistics and transportation company. The company was comprised of nine distinct businesses, obtained through a series of acquisitions. All operated under the Pacer name, but each had its own website, logo, color palette, and way of speaking to its customers.


Pacer hired Princeton Partners to grow the brand and generate leads. But the company’s lack of a unifying business strategy put them at a competitive disadvantage.

We realized that our challenge was to unite the company under a singular creative expression.


Through an intense process of research and discovery, we developed the Unifying Brand Idea, “Delivering Confidence.” It became the foundation of a new mission, vision, and values statement for Pacer.We transformed Pacer’s corporate brand identity with a powerful new logo, color palette, fully integrated messaging and digital strategy, and 
a customer-focused tagline - “Making your world run smoother.” Out of this tagline grew the Smoother creative campaign. It was the theme for ads, videos, and internal promotional tactics, from e-newsletters to Smoother T-shirts.

By the second quarter, total 
revenue had increased 6.7% over the same quarter the previous year and 11.7% over Q4.


The stock price jumped 73% in the second quarter and much more in
 the third quarter. Just as importantly, the new creative direction was enthusiastically embraced by the entire Pacer corporate family. It brought them together, finally letting them speak with one voice. A follow-up campaign generated hundreds of leads and an ROI of over 400%.

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