How one pest control company was caught in the middle, until they found their center.

Western Pest Services

Western Pest Services is a regional business with a history of innovation and smart, dedicated people.


Western faced a daunting competitive landscape. At a time when there was no growth in the pest control category, there were also more competitors. And this competition ran the gamut, from national pest control companies to mom-and-pop exterminators.As a regional company, Western was somewhere in the middle, not an ideal place to be.

Our challenge was to make Western stand out.


We talked with service reps and customers and mapped the customer decision-making process. We revisited Western’s core values and services.After all this research, we realized the importance of something we already knew:Customers really like them.That’s critical in a service industry where customers need to trust you enough to allow you into their homes.Western technicians are very skilled and knowledgeable. They have the resources of a national brand. And they use their skills and knowledge to protect people’s homes.What Western does is combine the knowledge and skills of a national pest control company with the personal service and local acumen of a mom and pop.And by protecting people’s homes, they’re actually protecting the community. In that sense, they’re “local heroes.”We based our campaign on the Local Hero theme, illustrating the responsibility, trustworthiness, and likeability of the Western Technician. Yes, they deal with pest problems, but, more than that, these people are there for you.

Over a three-year period, 23 branches saw a double-digit growth in leads. Three branches saw triple-digit growth.


Western’s lead generation grew 14% in a year where the industry overall was down 5%. By combining new messaging that captured the essence of the company and leveraging social and online channels, we helped Western improve their marketing performance.Today, Western continues to experience lead growth by creatively and strategically engaging its customers through integrated digital and social media strategies.

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