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The Power of Passion in Marketing

There is much that can be said about the 2016 Presidential election. One sentiment that rings loudly, however, is that this election is like no other in history. Before we go down that path, let me clarify that this piece is not about politics. It is instead about something that this political season has on display in a monumental fashion.

Passion has permeated the attitudes of both the players and the spectators of the 2016 political arena. The passion displayed by certain members of the electorate, and the lack of passion exhibited in others, is making this one of the most unpredictable elections in generations.

Whether you are considering the candidates themselves, their supporters, or their opposition, this election has seen some of the most vocal and enthusiastic outpouring of thoughts and opinions in decades.

In contrast, however, there are the others who can’t muster any level of enthusiasm for either candidate and will vote for the least objectionable one rather than for a candidate that they can rally behind and support. Some will not vote at all.

The power of passion is of immense importance to us in business. We want our staff to passionately embrace the vision and mission of our companies. We want our customers and clients to passionately believe in the work we do with them.

In marketing, our communications are that much more effective when they are infused with passion and when they can evoke passion from those who receive them. When they don’t achieve this, those on the receiving end of the message will make the choice of the least objectionable, or the lowest price, or just come to do their job and earn a paycheck…and that’s not what we want.

Now let me stray from the connection to the current political arena and delve into the true topic at hand.

How does genuine passion come about? It is the result of authentic communications based on truths that speak to the beliefs and aspirations of people. It consequently inspires them to engage in return – which is the marketer’s dream. It is also the employer’s dream that our staff not only do their job, but love doing it and infuse their joy into the company and its output.

It is important to connect with your audience honestly. If you can frame your message so that the audience understands why they care about it, then you will bring about sincere interest and engagement for the material. Passion can drive real connections, growth, and change. As marketers, passion is one of our most powerful tools.

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September 27, 2016
Written by Jeff Chesebro

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