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Be Smart with your Smart Phone this Holiday Season

Tips for Happier Holidays
The mobile phone is getting hotter this holiday shopping season. I am not talking about the iPhone X, the Google Pixel 2 or the Samsung Galaxy S8, which are all amazing devices that are taking the smart phone experience to a whole new level. The smart phone, now ten years old, is hot because it is now driving more internet traffic and online shopping visits than desktop.

For the first time, more people use their smartphones than their desktops to shop online during the holidays, according to Adobe Analytics Report cited by TechCrunch. While desktop will still drive more online revenue for retailers, those days are numbered because online sales are growing much faster on mobile devices.

The growth of smart phone usage is also the reason why the big retailers are investing untold millions on mobile user experiences, mobile apps and mobile advertising. The beneficiary of the smart phone is the smart consumer who can save money, save time and gain peace of mind when all the shopping is over.

Here are some tips from our team on how to utilize your mobile device efficiently this holiday!


Save Money – Plan now for the gifts you want to buy and coordinate that with the days when those items will be discounted the most. According to Adobe Digital Insights, here are the best days to shop this year:

  1. Wednesday, Nov. 22: Christmas décor
  2. Thanksgiving, Nov 23: Computers, tools, sporting goods, video game consoles, and apparel
  3. Black Friday: Appliances, tablets, TVs, and jewelry
  4. Cyber Monday: Toys
  5. Giving Tuesday: Furniture, bedding and pet products


Save Time – If you’re like most consumers, you still like to shop in stores. That’s why retail store visits and sales still far outpace e-commerce sales, which account for 13% of all retail sales. But you can avoid unnecessary stops and save time by doing research on your smart phone ahead of time. While walking the dog use Siri to help create a shopping list that will make your shopping journey in stores more efficient. Or, while you are doing your household chores, use Alexa to do a little research on potential high-involvement purchases ahead of time.


Gain Peace of Mind – You won’t have happy holidays if you suddenly realize that you overspent in the joy of the moment. Pick and download one of the dozens of budget or expense tracking apps to your smart phone. This may take a little time and planning to set up, but you can actually have fun setting a budget and trying to beat it. Do some online research to learn the price ranges of the desired items you want to purchase. Then make the best purchasing decision by searching for store discounts and online promo codes.


One final tip for a safe and happy holiday season: when driving, put your phone in the console or the glove compartment. Turn on some nice tunes and enjoy the moment. Even though your mobile device can help you become more efficient this holiday season, there’s nothing like putting down your device, enjoying the festivities, and making the most of your time with loved ones. Happy Holiday Season!

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November 8, 2017
Written by Brandon

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