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Social Media: Celebrating Milestones Together

Last Wednesday, I watched as my nephew, Warren, graduated from Florence High School and I started to reflect on what comes next. Life is a series of moments that need to be cherished before they are gone. For Warren, it will be Widener University with a full scholarship and an opportunity to play football. For my son, Parker, it will be completing his junior year of High School with straight A’s and getting his driver’s license.

As an avid social media user, I find myself wanting to share these milestones with my friends and family, just as companies want to share their milestones with their consumers. When companies launch a new product or service, celebrate a significant anniversary or retirement of their CEO, they turn to social media to spread the word. With all the negative content being posted today across all media outlets, it is a welcomed post that focuses on the positive and not the negative.

For me, sharing milestones is a welcomed event. I enjoy seeing pictures from my nephew’s graduation just as much as I like seeing my favorite brand launch a new product. I check Facebook several times a day to inquire about the achievements of those that I follow and to keep my followers updated on my own accomplishments and life events—like when Parker passes his driver’s test. I want to see the accomplishments of my favorite brands, hear about their new products, see their employees and hear how the business is doing. Customers want to celebrate along with you; share your milestones!

Social Media gives us the opportunity to come together and sharing keeps us all a bit closer. If we can rise above all the noise and share what is good with our little corner of the web, we will all feel better connected.

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June 21, 2016
Written by Giselle Herrera

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