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Social Media: If you build it, they will come…but then what?

Does your company have a digital presence? Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more? A Google search of your business should showcase your website and social media platforms. But, what do those pages look like and are they helping or hurting your business?

If I went to your company’s Twitter account right now, will the last tweet I see be from 2013? How about your Facebook? Will the last post be a “Happy Holidays” greeting from 2014? Companies start social media accounts with all good intentions, but as time goes on, posting happens less and less frequently or not at all. If your social pages are not updated, it gives a bad first impression to customers and competitors. They might even think you are out of business.

Another mistake I’ve seen over and over again is when a company has multiple accounts on the same social media platform, of which there is one up-to-date account, and the others, with either no posts or old posts. Employees who are no longer with the company probably started the accounts, thus no one knows the passwords. It’s clutter, and it makes it hard for people to find the “real” you. There should always be a master login list to avoid this issue.

While Facebook and other social media platforms can certainly become great marketing tools for any business, the original digital marketing tool, the website, has become an afterthought for many. Have you neglected your website in favor of these more easily maintainable social media platforms? Is your site looking graphically dated with outdated information and broken links? If the website isn’t appealing, visitors can be turned away and head over to your competitor’s recently revamped site.

Many small to mid-size companies have created Facebook pages as a website replacement. While Facebook is by far the largest and most widely used social network, companies should still have a website to promote their business.

The bottom line is, companies feel they must have a social media presence, but just having these social media accounts doesn’t give you a presence. It’s critical that companies keep their website and social media properties maintained and current. Not doing so can turn customers away, and drive business to your competitors.

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March 1, 2016
Written by Brandon

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