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Social Media: Where should you be?

With the hundreds of different social media platforms on the web today, marketers are often worried about their online social presence. Is it vast enough? Are they using the best platforms to reach their target audience? These are valid questions. Depleting a marketing budget without reaching the target audience, usually leads to unhappy executives. But when it comes to social media, there’s one thing to keep in mind; quality vs. quantity. With a few great accounts, marketers will be more successful in reaching their target audiences and here’s why:

More than 1 billion people use social media in some form, but not every age group or gender uses each platform. Advertisers of diapers and baby food should focus their efforts on Facebook and Pinterest, while celebrities and event advertisers will have more success on Snapchat and Instagram. That’s because new moms aren’t Snapchatting their other new mom friends and trendy teens aren’t posting on Facebook (that’s where their parents are).

Facebook will build brand loyalty and reputation, but Twitter offers instant feedback from consumers. Twitter users are looking for quick or breaking news, product feedback or to ask a question and get a rapid response. Therefore, organizations with a customer service focus will want to have active Twitter accounts. Other sites like Pinterest or Instagram can help to promote products or places, but limit customer engagement, making these social platforms great choices for the travel and fashion industries.

The type of content you are able to easily create is also a crucial factor. If you have to pay a professional photographer each time you need to update your Instagram or ask a tech savvy friend to film your Vine video, it’s probably not the right network for you, since the content will be few and far between.

Determining what social platforms are best for your brand is a key competent of a social media marketing plan. More isn’t always best; it’s better to have a few great accounts than a lot of accounts with poor content and reach.

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July 5, 2016
Written by Brandon

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