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Spring Clean Your Marketing Tools

Spring is here. And with it comes that annual ritual – spring cleaning.

The new season is also a great time to clean up and refresh your marketing efforts, to take a good look at your tools and materials and ensure that everything is in maximum working order.

Here are some “cleaning” tips to get you started:

Your Brand

Step back and take a good look at your brand.

  • Is it consistent across all materials and channels? Weed out anything that doesn’t align with your brand guidelines.
  • Your brand must be nimble enough to evolve with your business goals and changing market conditions, yet remain true to the core values that differentiate it from the competition. Does yours meet that standard, or does it need refreshing?
  • Assess your marketing channels and make adjustments as needed according to what’s working and what’s not.
  • Look at your clients/customers and your audience. Have they (or their needs) changed? Is there opportunity to expand your customer base?

Your Website

Often a client’s first interaction with you, your website is your first impression.

  • Go through your site – purge outdated information and items.
  • Clean up any missing or bad links.
  • Verify that all information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Ensure the site aligns with your brand and accurately conveys your mission, values and value proposition.
  • Make sure that the content your customers want and need is relevant, engaging, and, easily available.

These are initial ideas for your marketing spring cleaning, but don’t stop there. Take a look at your marketing plan, your advertising and social media efforts. Toss out the old and outdated; polish up the working, viable elements, and spring ahead.

Marketing Agency Blog Post Author of Spring Clean Your Marketing Tools

March 29, 2016
Written by Susan Murray

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