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Western Pest Services

Western Pest Services is a regional business, serving mainly the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeastern U.S. During our long partnership with Western, we helped grow their business in a variety of ways.

Strategy, Branding and Creative Development

To differentiate Western from national pest control companies and mom-and-pop exterminators, we created the “Local Hero” campaign. This positioned Western as the trusted local provider with the experience, resources, and capabilities of a national company.

The approach resonated. In the first year, overall lead generation grew 14% in a year where the industry overall was down 5%. Over a three-year period, 23 branches saw a double-digit growth in leads. Three branches saw triple-digit growth.

Lead Generation
Princeton Partners developed a search engine optimization program that brought huge results. Our approach included gap analysis and strategic development, asset development, and promotion, measurement and optimization.

The program delivering impressive year over year results:

  • Unbranded keyword coverage improved by 8.9%
  • Unbranded local search traffic improved by 30%
  • Local inspection form requests improved by 108%
  • Conversion rates jumped over 86%

Measurable search results led to a 6:1 marketing ROI and growth across Western’s footprint. Western achieved 8% total lead growth, with over ten individual branches achieving record growth.

Princeton Partners launched an initiative to increase Western’s lead generation by precisely targeting individual households and ZIP+2-level neighborhoods. We appended 300+ geographic, demographic and lifestyle variables and over 250 Transunion credit data points to Western’s buyer database. After applying a proprietary, statistical methodology to identify high-potential prospects and neighborhoods, we performed a “lookalike” study to find the Top 5 variables that determine a quality prospect and matched those lookalikes to local geographies down to ZIP+2, ZIP+4, and actual addresses.

The campaign drove more qualified traffic, resulting in significant year-over-year performance in every KPI, including:

  • Cost per click down 20%
  • Web conversions (leads) up 77%
  • Cost per converted click down 112%
  • Click conversion rate up 58%
  • Brand impressions tripled

As Western’s marketing partner, we helped them grow their overall business by 22%.

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