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The Power of Video

The mash-up of business and social media offers tremendous opportunities for forward thinking companies in the inventive and targeted use of video content. Video-ready platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and BuzzFeed cultivate ever expanding online audiences, not all of them “young.”

That’s because the way we watch video has changed so radically. Beyond our smartphones and tablets, the new generation of television sets already have built-in internet, so the line between television and online video will vaporize into all-purpose “digi-tainment” with ad dollars chasing it.

BuzzFeed is the perfect example of a content engine to fit the changing broadcast landscape. In an average week, the internet media company produces over 350 videos which appear on various social media platforms. They run the gamut from comedy to high-quality ads, cooking shows to political commentary, and of course, cat videos.

While much of BuzzFeed’s content may be an acquired taste, they’ve managed to acquire a fiercely loyal global audience. Having raised over a quarter of a billion dollars, in venture capital and partnerships with media conglomerates like NBC Universal, this brave new production model is proving to be a financial goldmine.

You don’t need millions to produce content that inspires repeated viewing and serves as an effective ambassador for your brand. Small can be beautiful. And successful. The biggest stumbling block may be a lack of appreciation for the production capabilities that exist in your own office. Video content does not have to be expensive to create, but there is no substitute for creativity when producing it.

The key is integrating video into your marketing strategy from the start, with a clear purpose and an end goal. Content that is fresh and well-crafted will make connections and build trust; marketing is about that as much as anything else.

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July 19, 2016
Written by Dennis Nobile

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