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‘Tis the Season of Micro-Moments

Well, here we are – just days from Black Friday, then Cyber Monday. Though the “Christmas creep” actually started about a month (or more) ago, we’re about to arrive at the “official” holiday shopping season.

So what holiday shopping trends will we see?

Google offers some insight. According to Google, mobile “micro-moments are changing how we shop,” making mobile critical to the purchase journey. Today’s 24/7-connected consumers reach for their smartphones at spare moments throughout the day, every day, for ideas, inspiration, research, reviews, and instruction. They’re turning to mobile devices, search, and YouTube in shorter, more frequent sessions to help inform purchases. Mobile devices have even become shopping assistants, as more and more consumers research on mobile before entering a store, then frequently check products online while in-store.

Google’s search data and research report that shopping-related searches on mobile have grown more than 120% year-over-year. It also says that 54% of holiday shoppers plan to use their mobile devices to shop in their spare moments during the day. While 61% of shoppers have likely started researching potential purchases before Thanksgiving, most of the actual buying – more and more on mobile – will occur later in the holiday season.

Shoppers are also increasingly turning to video during the purchase journey, with unboxing videos garnering more than a billion views in 2015. Consumers would rather watch a video than read instructions or call to get information or ask questions.

Brands and retailers need to recognize and understand the growing number of mobile shoppers, and effectively engage with them throughout the purchase journey to enjoy holiday season success.

How will the trend toward mobile micro-moment shopping affect the big marathon shopping days like Black Friday? We may get a glimpse in just a few days, though I certainly won’t be getting up before sunrise Friday to see.

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November 24, 2015
Written by Susan Murray

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