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The Value of Listening

An Open Letter to Eager Speakers


Dear Eager Speaker,


Lots of us love to relish in taking the spotlight during team meetings. Sometimes, we get so caught up in speaking, that we forget about one of the most crucial skills we learned growing up– listening. So to all the eager speakers out there, it’s time to listen to why silence is your new best friend.


As active talkers, we too often think our ideas and insights are so worthy of being heard, that we forget about the ideas of those around us. While this may be true at times, it is vital that we change our titles from “active speakers,” to “active listeners”, for the productivity of the workplace. And I’m not talking about the type of listening you do with your wife or husband. I am talking about the type of listening you would do if your raffle numbers were being read for the Powerball. That is the type of listening that needs to happen for the sake of the workplace. Let’s get into why.


When people contribute their own ideas and have a say in the creative process, they work harder knowing their ideas have been valuable. That is why it is important to know when to be quiet, listen, and let others step into the spotlight. By doing this, it also shows others you are interested and engaged in the discussion that is going. Plus, listening can also help you articulate your own ideas further. Ideas tend to build on one another which gives good ideas the potential to become great ones.


Everything done in the workplace involves two-way communication which involves speaking and listening. Find the balance between when to speak and when to let others speak and you will have created a respectful and engaging workplace.


So give it a try – and thank you for listening.


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January 9, 2018
Written by Jeff Chesebro

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