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Voice by the Numbers

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Simple Statistics that Make the Case that Voice is Here to Stay


For the past few weeks, we’ve shared insights, tactics, and recommendations on voice marketing that can help your brand take advantage of this new wave of search and marketing capabilities. Maybe you’re fully on board with integrating voice into your marketing strategy, but perhaps you need to sell the case for Voice up the ladder in order for it to be a project that gets the green light. Well, here are some macro statistics that make a strong case that Voice is growing, it’s here to stay, and that the best time to start your path with Voice is today.


Check out these numbers:


To sum up from our previous Insights on Voice, one of the most important places to start when developing Voice capabilities for your brand – like a podcast, voice-enabled customer service, or Alexa skill – is to create a strong Audio Identity. What will the voice of your brand sound like? To do this, consider who you are as a brand, and who your most important customers are.


To optimize your brand for voice search, make sure that your website is secure and fast, and has structured data. Additionally, make sure that your site has strong ratings and reviews, conversational content, consistent public contact information, and is of course mobile-friendly.


It is more than safe to say that Voice is going to be the biggest business and marketing disruption for the next 20 years or so. So, if you haven’t already, start considering how your brand can break into the Voice game.


As August comes to a close, so does our Voice “mini-camp” series. But, we’ll certainly be revisiting Voice as we come across new developments in the field. Also, stay tuned for an expert interview coming up in late September with the voice advisor for Princeton Partners.


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August 30, 2018
Written by Chris Sullivan

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