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Voice Tech: The Biggest Business & Marketing Disruption For the Next 20 Years

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Key Takeaways from the First Global Summit on Voice Technology


I spent much of last week with a client at Modev’s Voice 2018 – the inaugural global Voice Tech Summit – held in Newark, New Jersey, which was attended by over 2,400 people from around the world. Hosted at NJIT, one of the nation’s top universities and a leader in innovation and Smart Cities development, Voice 2018 was sponsored by Alexa (Amazon’s personal assistant/device that is all-in on owning Voice as a medium) and other leading companies. For me, attending Voice 2018 was the logical next step coming out of Vayner’s theory-centric VoiceCon to see how voice technology is developing in real ways, and how it will disrupt industries and marketing as we know it.


The summit delivered on its point of view that Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is revolutionizing the way we interact with devices, services, products, and each other. There were scores of enthralling breakout sessions, opportunities for hands-on learning, and genuine examples of practical applications for the client and agency-marketer, the developer, the brand manager, and the entrepreneur.


Here are my three key takeaways from this three-day summit on Voice:

1. Voice technology has the potential to change almost all touch-based communication we currently use. The combination of AI and Voice is advancing computer learning to the point where machines – which already understand context and dialectic nuance – will also understand intent and sentiment. In the near future, getting things done, including shopping for information, products, or services, will be easier through Voice than any other interface. Rather than managing multiple strings of information requests yourself, your voice will direct what you want accomplished and make it happen.

2. The reinforcement of the realization that if your organization is not committing to understanding and applying Voice now, you are going to be severely behind the ball and will likely lose ground to more adaptive competitors. Voice is a major disruption of how we will do business and life. Now is the time to get on board and get ahead. The window will be short.

3. Classic brand marketing principles and classic SEO principles are two of the major areas that you can perfect now while you work on your longer term voice strategy. Strong marketing foundations are essential for success in voice marketing.


Being that it is preseason for football (World and American), Princeton Partners will commit the month of August to using our Marketing Insights platform as a marketing “mini-camp” on Voice. We’ll get you – the reader and listener – in shape to play in the Voice arena. Our marketing mini-camp will consist of insights, exercises, resources, and more so that you can be in the best position possible to take advantage of the coming voice marketing season. We’ll cover Alexa Flash Briefings, Alexa Skills, SEO for Google Assistant, interviews with people in the Voice and SEO fields, and share our points of view on how we think Voice will impact various industries.


So, make sure you subscribe to our Marketing Insights podcast and add it to your weekly Alexa Flash Briefing. And, of course, continue to read each Insight article we share via email, if you want to get in the Voice game.

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July 30, 2018
Written by Chris Sullivan

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