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NJR Home Services

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How data portrait analysis helped us establish a 10-to-1 ROI for our client.

NJR Home Services (NJRHS) is a leading provider of residential HVAC repair and installation services in a highly competitive and saturated market. Our challenge was and remains to help them grow their signature annual service – the Total Comfort Plan – to homeowners who do not have a warranty or even a need for HVAC repair.


NJR Home Services


Consumer & Home Services

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“Princeton Partners has help us craft our brand story in a way that has measurably moved the needle.”

Lisa Fury
NJR Marketing Manager
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Our research indicated the universe of potential customers was much larger than the group to whom NJRHS was marketing their Total Comfort Plan.

©Michael Paras Photography, LLC (973) 476-3988
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Step 1: We conducted a data portrait analysis of their customer base in order to create a look-alike audience with the highest propensity to become Total Comfort Plan customers and then quantify the addressable audience of high propensity customers.

Step 2: We crafted a multichannel media campaign to serve unique creative messaging customized to each ideal persona’s needs, desires and pain points.

Step 3: Each month, we implement a feedback loop that analyzes the new customers acquired, optimizes messaging and refreshes the target audiences in order to learn, generate leads and acquire new customers.

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Our fully attributable customer acquisition program has grown NJRHS’s newly acquired customer base 82% over their stated goal, with our overall branding and marketing efforts resulting in a lifetime-value-based ROAS of 8x-10x on every dollar invested.