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March 21, 2023

Insight Tuesday is Back!

Tom Sullivan

Welcome back! Insight Tuesday will be better than ever for leaders, innovators, and change-makers in for-profit, government and non-profit organizations.

A Brief History

Starting in 2013, Insight Tuesday landed in email inboxes across the nation and around the world. Readers told us they loved Insight Tuesday for its pithy educational content and relevant observations about trends in the connected worlds of brands, marketing, commerce, and human endeavors. It was also known for bringing unique perspectives based on sound theory and principles. We sought to bring a lightly entertaining, 2–3-minute read, to inspire and encourage leaders to think about where they are headed and how they could apply insights to make a more lasting, positive impact for their organizations and stakeholders.

In 2019, Insight Tuesday hit a wall. One was a personal wall. A string of untimely, unfortunate passings of close friends and relatives occurred over a six-month period. I learned again that grieving and sadness saps your energy and makes you think a lot more about the meaning and purpose of life. The second wall was the loss of the Insight Tuesday library. When a new website was launched, legacy content could not be easily recovered or recreated. It felt to me like a photographer losing his favorite photos. It was a bummer. It was also dumb. Insight Tuesday was too dependent on a fairly-controlling writer-editor, me.

The New Insight Tuesday – More Real-World Insights with a New Co-Author

I am excited to announce my new co-author and co-editor, Kevin Kuchinski. Kevin is a marketing innovator from the client side (P&G and Church and Dwight). For twenty-five years, Kevin was a leader helping brands like Swiffer, Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent and OxiClean come to life, take market share, and expand nationally and globally. A seasoned marketer, Kevin is a keen observer of human behavior, of discovering their needs, and understanding key motivators that move commerce and outcomes forward. He knows customer experience, pricing, product development, production innovation, supply chain, and of course, brand marketing and advertising.

At the recommendation of my son Chris, Kevin became a consultant to Princeton Partners in 2018 and became a partner in 2020 along with Chris. Kevin’s ability to see the big picture and to help teams execute the right set of measurable activities has enabled the agency to achieve a nice growth and profit trajectory.

Kevin and I also share common values and experiences. We have both worked in the public sector and served in leadership for non-profits. We have collaborated on policy ideas and launched new initiatives. And we have co-managed clients. Together, we will co-author Insight Tuesday.

What to Expect from the New Insight Tuesday.

Tighter, Purposeful, Original, Actionable, Principled


1. Tighter – The average adult reader can silently read about 220 – 350 words per minute. Insight Tuesday is designed to be thoughtfully consumed in two or three minutes at 285 wpm.

2. Purposeful – Our purpose is to bring information, observations, insights, and ideas about the macro environment in society, culture, the economy, and commerce. We want leaders from business, education, healthcare, finance, non-profits, and governmental agencies to benefit by applying insights to advancing their organization’s brand purpose.

3. Original – Unfortunately, much of the blog world is a sea of generic mediocrity and misguided motivations designed to leverage search engines and algorithms. You can be assured that Insight Tuesday will be original. While AI chat engines will serve up more generic information for a long time to come, we will bring original content and new thinking.

4. Actionable – Insight Tuesday will be more than an entertaining read that makes you think. It will offer links to additional resources so you can dig deeper. It will offer questions to think about and ideas and actions to apply.

5. Principled – Insight Tuesday will continue to be grounded in core values of integrity, candor, and fairness with the goal of helping people and organizations to advance the welfare of their constituents. We believe there are basic truths, motivations and universal moral beliefs that must be articulated and applied toward the common good. We believe in a free society and uphold free-market principles as the best way for people and organizations to organize, not just to deliver lasting competitive value, but to deliver what society and all people need in a world facing existential challenges.

Now you know why we are here and how we are going to deliver the insights that you will value. Please join us next Tuesday, as kick-off of a multipart series called:


“Recession or No Recession:

Strategies for Competitive Advantage and Long-Term Growth”

Tom Sullivan
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Tom Sullivan is an accomplished business leader and brand marketing professional who brings together business, government, and non-profit experience to accelerate growth and advance positive change. He has led brand transformations and go-to-market initiatives for Fortune 1000 companies, major banks and financial institutions, hospitals, government entities, universities, and start-ups. He has worked with over twenty community banks with assets from $500 million to $50 billion and is dedicated to advancing the growth and success of community banks and the communities they serve. Tom has also advanced innovative programs and expansion initiatives for many non-profits, including Special Olympics New Jersey, and First Lady, Michele Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America (Let’s Move Campaign).

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