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PRISM Vision Group

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How a personalized approach got patients back into a vision practice post-COVID.

PRISM Vision Group is one of the largest vertically integrated independent ophthalmology administrative services organizations (ASO) in the Mid-Atlantic region and is home to the largest network of retinal care providers in the country. PRISM is home to 14 practices, with 67 locations, 120 providers and more than 900 employees throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

While the pandemic brought many challenges to the practices, one stood out among the rest-patient hesitancy to return to a medical setting. While the medical practices were eager to return to normal operations many patients were not.


PRISM Vision Group



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During discovery, we learned just how much more patients trust a provider that offers a personalized approach.


We elected to use a highly personalized approach to reach patients, rather than a traditional mass advertising approach. Whether marketing to the proactive or more reluctant patient, we leveraged and prioritized all internal communication channels, patient emails, organic social media platforms, and phone calls with specific scripting to reach patients in the right way, at the right time and with the right message.

Overall, the messaging reflected the importance of wellness and prevention appointments and the impact they have on a patient’s overall health. Simultaneously, we clearly and consistently highlighted the safety precautions adapted by all practices to reduce patient anxiety.
Keeping in theme with the virtual nature of the world, all practice websites served as the home for the campaigns call to action. Website use included home page messaging, unique website sections clearly dedicated to showcasing safety precautions in place to help patients understand what to expect at their next appointment, newly instituted on-line appointment scheduling and virtual check-ins.

We created a patient safety video and scaled it across all practice websites, driving traffic to the sites by linking the video to email campaigns and social media posts. With tight COVID restrictions in place, we used staff and physicians as spokespersons in the video and then had them film footage on their cell phones. The result produced an authentic video that patients could easily relate to.
Finally, digital advertising played a large role in targeting, positioning and capturing new patient volume through a telemedicine campaign. We blended a mix of targeted search, social and display to generate initial market awareness and drive profitable volume.

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Over the course of the three-month campaign, website activity grew by over 35% with 130,000 unique visitors.

The campaign generated over 2,200 requests for appointments resulting in 910 actual appointments. Practice operating capacity grew from 15% to nearly 60%.

Targeted patient email campaigns reached over 120,000 patients and experienced engagement rates exceeding 60%, with click through rates of over 15%, driving more than 10,000 patient safety video views.

Social media channels captured higher levels of activity throughout the campaign averaging over 45% higher engagement rates than pre-COVID campaigns.

The telemedicine marketing campaign captured over 30,000 website page views, generating over 1,100 requests for appointments with a cost per lead of $19.00.
The messaging achieved our desired results of making patients more comfortable with coming into the office. Post-discharge surveys revealed over 90% of the patients would recommend the practice for care.

Branded, data-driven campaigns helped the bank take market share and achieve double-digit asset growth every year since 2014.
Drove record Open House attendance and reduced Cost Per Lead by 75%.
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Supported 500% revenue growth via branded, hyper-local marketing campaigns and improved customer experience.
Closeup, doctor holding hands with senior woman and cancer care or support. Healthcare or trust, empathy or compassion and female caregiver or nurse holding elderly person hand for hope and kindness
Increased appointment requests by 85%, new patients by 150%, and kept-appointments by 57%, providing an ROI of 21:1.
Princeton-Partners-NJDH-COVID-19-Content-Development-00 (1) (1)
Reached NJ milestone of 4.7 million COVID-19 vaccinations – 70% of the eligible population – a best case among all large states that exceeded the Governor’s ambitious goals.
Princeton-Partners-Case Study-AMT-Customer-Strategic-Planning-00
Helped a non-profit underdog achieve a new growth curve in the highly competitive health plan market through a new brand platform and owned-media communications.
Businesswoman holding blueprints in new office
Our branding solution energized staff and inspired customers, helping the “Better Experience Bank” become one of America’s fastest growing banks between 2016 and 2022.
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Since 2017, achieved year-over-year improvements in marketing ROI through branded, data-driven campaigns.
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Developed a new brand and marketing campaign that unified a hospital system’s orthopedic practices, driving growth in awareness, brand reputation, and physician referrals.
Smoking Tobacco E Cigarette
In 90 days, drove 13.9 million impressions and 9.1 million completed video views against a primary target of 400,000 NJ teens.
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Transformed the image of one of the largest trauma centers in the metropolitan New York region to a fully integrated health system. Expanded awareness and drove volume growth in their more profitable advanced care procedures.
Branding and marketing have increased qualified lead growth every year in a highly commoditized market, including three straight years of 15% growth YOY.