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Rider University


Using data and smarter media investments to boost enrollment.

The decline in college and university enrollment in recent years can be attributed to COVID, demographic shifts, economic uncertainties, and the growing popularity of alternative career paths. Factors such as a declining birth rate, demographic aging, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed to a smaller pool of prospective students. As a strategic partner of one of New Jersey’s forward-thinking private universities, we viewed this as an opportunity to overcome barriers and drive success.  


Rider University


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This season set a Rider record for Open House attendees. Well done, we could not have achieved this goal without your help.” 

P. Abbazia, Executive Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy


We analyzed five key enrollment data points to start our foundational media thesis and applied historical knowledge gained from working with other universities to uncover immediate target audience opportunities. This analysis was then fed into our AI-powered, complex data ingestion engine to identify the key correlations between certain data factors, recruitment events, and successful enrollment. The result was a highly customized target audience propensity model.



This new audience propensity model informed all aspects of our digital and traditional media investments. Especially one key initiative: driving to Open House. We knew that if we could get them on campus, our success rate would increase exponentially.


This audience-first approach led to immediate impact. Record Open House attendance lead to a 7% increase in enrollment. And we laid down a foundation for success in the following recruitment year. To date, applications are up 17% year-over-year, and 25% year-over two years.

We also drove paid search Cost Per Inquiry down 80% within 7 months.

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Supported 500% revenue growth via branded, hyper-local marketing campaigns and improved customer experience.
Closeup, doctor holding hands with senior woman and cancer care or support. Healthcare or trust, empathy or compassion and female caregiver or nurse holding elderly person hand for hope and kindness
Increased appointment requests by 85%, new patients by 150%, and kept-appointments by 57%, providing an ROI of 21:1.
Princeton-Partners-NJDH-COVID-19-Content-Development-00 (1) (1)
Reached NJ milestone of 4.7 million COVID-19 vaccinations – 70% of the eligible population – a best case among all large states that exceeded the Governor’s ambitious goals.
Princeton-Partners-Case Study-AMT-Customer-Strategic-Planning-00
Helped a non-profit underdog achieve a new growth curve in the highly competitive health plan market through a new brand platform and owned-media communications.
Businesswoman holding blueprints in new office
Our branding solution energized staff and inspired customers, helping the “Better Experience Bank” become one of America’s fastest growing banks between 2016 and 2022.
Princeton-Partners-Case-Study-NJR-Customer-Aquisition-08 (1) (1)
Since 2017, achieved year-over-year improvements in marketing ROI through branded, data-driven campaigns.
nurse doctor senior care tablet computer technology showing care
Developed a new brand and marketing campaign that unified a hospital system’s orthopedic practices, driving growth in awareness, brand reputation, and physician referrals.
PPI-Case-Study-Prism-Group-Header (1)
Developed and launched a comprehensive branding strategy and direct to consumer marketing plan for the largest independent, private equity backed ophthalmology management services organization in the Mid-Atlantic region. Brand campaign generated over 2,200 requests for appointments resulting in 910 actual appointments. Practice operating capacity grew from 15% to nearly 60%.
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In 90 days, drove 13.9 million impressions and 9.1 million completed video views against a primary target of 400,000 NJ teens.
Princeton-Partners-Case Study-Westchester-Media-03 (1)
Transformed the image of one of the largest trauma centers in the metropolitan New York region to a fully integrated health system. Expanded awareness and drove volume growth in their more profitable advanced care procedures.
Branding and marketing have increased qualified lead growth every year in a highly commoditized market, including three straight years of 15% growth YOY.
Drove record Open House attendance and reduced Cost Per Lead by 75%.